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Lillian, What Do You Want To Say?February 20, 2013

My Darling Lillian:

Words just cannot elucidate the power you have over your mother and me. Your go get em “no, seriously, I am going to do it and there isn’t a thing you can do about it” stubborn attitude. The look on your face as you raise your hand, index finger pointed to the sky, and say with an intense face, “one more”… one more cookie, book, or game of stack the blocks. Your hugs and kisses for no reason. It’s all too much sometimes. My heart swells with pride when you point to pictures of family and say their name. When you tell us, with words no less, exactly what you want in a completely understandable context. Something I never expected you to be doing at 19 months. You are profound in so many ways. You are loving, caring, artistic, athletic, smart, adventurous, inquisitive, and friendly. Lillian, you amaze me at every turn. Undoubtedly fatherhood is much more enjoyable than I had ever imagined it to be. And I know that every parent feels this way about their children, but I want you to know with certainly that this is how I feel about you. Because it won’t always be just you and me and mommy. Some day you will have a brother or sister who will require a lot of my time and I don’t want you to think for even one second that you mean anything less than absolutely everything to me.

Lillian-Winter-2013-028   Lillian-Winter-2013-019 Lillian-Winter-2013-021 Lillian-Winter-2013-022 Lillian-Winter-2013-024 Lillian-Winter-2013-025 Lillian-Winter-2013-027 Lillian-Winter-2013-030 Lillian-Winter-2013-031 Lillian-Winter-2013-033 Lillian-Winter-2013-034


So here is your announcement Lillian… here you can tell everyone.

Thank you, Lillian. Thank you for being you.

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Adirondack Balloon Festival – 2012September 24, 2012

This weekend we made the trip home to visit my family and to attend the 2012 Adirondack Ballon Festival in Queensbury, NY. As a child the Balloon Fesitval was an annual event to see these monstrous birds of flight, but it has never worked out where I could have taken Diana. Joined by Senior, we woke up before the rooster crows and made our way to the event. Seeing the balloons go off this never gets old, but it was great to see them with people who have never had the pleasure of going. You can almost live the moment through them.  Here are a few images from the day…

The first balloon of the day begins to inflate.



And we have liftoff. 



This balloon was Diana’s favorite.

My loves looking great at 6 AM… 



 Senior, A.K.A. Grandpa, showing Lillian the balloons. 









Sometimes it can be really easy to get wrapped up in an event and focus on the details. The Balloon Festival reminded me to keep my eyes wide and remember the bigger picture.

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Making Good Memories – August 16August 16, 2012

Today we spent the day making new memories.  Memories you want to cherish forever.  We met Tío Chris and went hiking on a trail that I plan to go back to explore for my next Sunday long run. Watching Lillian look over Diana’s shoulder to see where we are going rather than where we have been.  Listening to stories of hiking Mt. Washington and learning about the cairn rocks that mark the way above the tree line. Seeing nature and all that it has to offer.  Those are the things I won’t forget.  Lillian, after mommy went to work you and I spent the afternoon entertaining each other.  You made me laugh, smile, and remember how amazing life is.  We played with “baby”, rode in your Cozy Coop, swayed back and forth under the red maple tree in your swing, and rode on your new four-wheeler.  And as the day passed, I tried to limit my thoughts of Zack on that day seven years ago (Really?  Seven years?). I made sure I searched my mind for the best memories I have… like the bike ride we took together to Lake George, the day he came home from Iraq, and the day we spent walking around Granada, Spain.  Today I passed the day making memories I know he would have been a part of with people I love just like him.

Jacob Bergmeier, Instagram Photo








So Zack… this Octoberfest is for you.

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Happy 1st Birthday, LJAugust 11, 2012

Well hello, Wonderful! How does it feel to be 1 years old?  Is your life fantastic, or just ordinary? Are you engaged, or bored to death? Can you feel the love? As for your mother and me, the last year has been the most enjoyable and rewarding of our lives. We have really enjoyed watching you become a little girl. You are a ball of fire. You prefer spicy and ethnic food. You have a sweet tooth like your father.  You consume water like a fish, much like your mother. You hate when we do something for you and you really let us know that.  You want to feed yourself, climb the stairs, comb your hair and brush your teeth, turn the page when we read our favorite Sandra Boynton book (Happy Hippo, Angry Duck), or even folding laundry.  You are a do-er.  A definite A-type personality.  You smile and wave and say hello… to everyone, everywhere.  You are the life of the party.  And you, my dear, are the love of our life.

These images are from the day just before your birthday… 


These images are from your birthday… Look at that hair clip.  (Cupcake gifted by Mommy and Daddy’s friend Jodee – Tazza of Somers)

          These images are from your birthday party…  First up, the table centerpieces that I made.  Next, the 12 month banner…    And your name… 

 Mommy and me.

Your cake (made by Cakes by Lilly)


Your “Smash” cake (again, made by Cakes by Lilly)


Doesn’t mommy look pretty?

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Hey world… I’m 9 months todayApril 26, 2012

Tempus fugit“… or in English, “time flys”. Although the Greek author Virgil wrote about farming in his poetic book Geogics, he must have taken inspiration from time spent with children.  I can’t imagine where the time has gone and neither can your mother. We are both so blessed to have you in our lives.



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