She is the love of my life, the soul of my artistic creativity, the foundation of my faith, and the daily reminder to stay focussed and motivated.  She is the love of my life; she is my wife.

Along with our two children, my wife and I have built a positive life together that gives us a profound joy. That cheerful spirit has helped my creative ability flourish.  Photography is the medium through which I capture the moments that turns days into the art. I use my passions for life and photography and the skills and techniques I have learned over the years to create timeless wedding images; your wedding images, too, perhaps.

When I am not photographing memories, I spend my time with family going to museums, going hiking, and training for the my next ultramarathon (distances beyond 26.2 miles). I love to tweet, text, and if you ask anyone who knows me, I share far too many pictures on Instagram.

I look forward to speaking with you and hearing about your plans for your wedding.