Experimenting with food!

What a phenomenal weekend in Andover, MA at your Great Aunt’s Sue and Kris, and cousins QQ and Katie.  Among the highlights of the trip,; Katie’s personal record setting performance in the C.R.A.S.H-B’s, important family time, and lots of great food… like the Ok Dol BiBimBap (one of my all-time favorites) after Katie’s race or the incredible Asian meals we always eat made by your great aunts.  We always leave with full stomachs and happy hearts… just what the  doctor ordered.

See what the C.R.A.S.H.-B’s are in this quick video.

[vimeo clip_id=”23593877″ width=”750″ height=”422″ title=”0″ byline=”0″ portrait=”0″]

We started our date night yesterday by going for our weekly food shopping.  Normally a Sunday activity, you and I had to do it yesterday since we were away for the whole weekend.  You played with the avocados and felt their bumpy textures.  You held the frozen peas and marveled from it’s malleable shape.  You tried to grab sugary items off the shelf when I wasn’t paying attention (which really made me smile).

When we got home, you diligently practiced standing without my support, enthusiastically played your piano, and gleefully blew rasberries at me when I was picking up your toys in the living room.   I cooked dinner while you played with spagetti and later some ice.  You thought the spagetti was hysterical each time it broke and I got a kick out of the ice that kept sliding through your grip.  Food is such an important part of our family… I hope you learn to enjoy all the wonderful smells, textures, and temperatures that come from the worldly foods that mommy and I eat.

Lillian, I love our date nights though but they seem to fly by too quickly.  You have such a fun personality and you really brighten my days.  Here’s to many, many more!


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