Life isn’t all peaches, dad!  

Yesterday, unlike last week, I was on time.  A+, star, crown for dad… We headed off to the Danbury Fair Mall to pick up some finger paint at the Education Works store for a present we would be making for mommy for valentines day.  “Awe, what a cute baby” the man at the counter said to you.  “Thank you, sir(!)” we said.  Upon walking out  the bright lights and well painted horses joyfully bopping up and down on the carousel caught our eye.  Free.  Free for children under 1 and free for their parents too.  Score 1 for daddy’s wallet.  Round and round we went sitting on the swinging bench and watching the carousel lights reflect off the surrounding glass windows.  Dizzy but gleefully we stepped off the ride and got our “we just rode the carousel” stamp on your arm, almost like a sailor’s tattoo.  “Look, dad, we match!”  “Awe, what a cute baby” the man giving you the stamp said.  Again we said, “thank you, sir!”  We made our way to the Hallmark store and found the perfect card for mommy… I even snuck yours in there too when you weren’t looking.  “Awe, what a cute baby” the teenage girl at the counter said to you.  “Thank you, ma’am!” we said as we left the store.  Once we got home, I gave you a bottle… which you did not want.  At all.  “Ok, guess it’s time for bed,”  I said.  2 hours of up and down, feeding attempts, diaper changes, tickle wars, shhh’ing, swaddling, rocking, swinging… all while you screamed bloody murder.

It was a rough night…. and Valentines day to boot.  But that’s ok, because when I had you in my arms and you looked at me, I knew everything was all right.  That even though you were writhing in pain from those teeth that are popping up, we were ok because we had each other.  Lucky those people who got you while you were your normal chipper self.  They got to see you for who you really are.  And at 10:00 pm when mommy finally walked through the doors, life was suddenly ok again.   We were both saved.

We never got to make that present for mommy, but we will.  I love you and I love that I got some special time with just you on Valentines day.  Life isn’t all peaches, but I wouldn’t want my life with you any other way!


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