Wednesday Daddy-Daughter Date Night Recap #1

Back in early December, Diana accepted an offer to work with a fantastic private practice.  This new opportunity came with a shift of hours including evening hours 3 days during the week.  While we knew this would be a challenge for our small family, we felt it was the best choice going forward.  So Lillian and I make the most of it including a “Daddy-Daughter Date Night” every Tuesday.

Yesterday Lillian and I made a trip to Animal Kingdom, a pet store that has many of the animals that we read about in our bedtime stories.  Upon opening the doors, we saw the pond with large fish and turtles, which she was quite enamored by.  After a few minutes a loud KA-KAH came from behind us.  Her head whipped around faster than Michael J. Fox driving the Delorean in Back to the Future.  We headed into the tree filled bird room and say the parakeets and a giant blue parrot.  Watching her get excited every time the bird made a sound or turned their heads was a blast. Next to the bird room is the fish tanks.  We saw a really cool fish called the Flashing Tilefish that changes color to blend in with the coral around it as protection.  We watched a tank full of gold fish all swimming in the same direction.  We saw the same Clownfish that was in Finding Nemo.   The video below is of the Tilefish I mentioned.

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Hello Everyone… Tomorrow is a big day for me… Make sure you come back to my daddy’s website and see what it is.  




** Check back tomorrow for another installment of Gentlemen’s Corner & a second special edition post.

** Daddy-Daughter Date Night Recap is a weekly journal that shares our adventures and special times.  Check back each Wednesday to read more.


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