Food Photographs for Restaurants

My Main Squeeze

Sunday.  It’s about waking up early to get a couple of freshly made rosemary and olive oil bagels from Brueggers, playing with Lillian on the floor while listening to the Raffi station on Pandora, having dinner with family, and actually reading for enjoyment.  That’s our Sunday.  It’s our day… the only day of the week that we can really be a family without the pressures of work, getting ready for daycare, or any other “we’re going be late” kind of places to rush off to.  It’s about building lasting memories with each other, learning from one another, and reminding the others through the little things we do that “there’s no place like home.”

You both are my main squeeze.  You are the the joy that comes from the fruit of the labor put into a long work week.  So here’s to many more Sundays creating those important memories that we will cherish forever.  Food Photographs for Restaurants

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