Making Good Memories – August 16

Today we spent the day making new memories.  Memories you want to cherish forever.  We met Tío Chris and went hiking on a trail that I plan to go back to explore for my next Sunday long run. Watching Lillian look over Diana’s shoulder to see where we are going rather than where we have been.  Listening to stories of hiking Mt. Washington and learning about the cairn rocks that mark the way above the tree line. Seeing nature and all that it has to offer.  Those are the things I won’t forget.  Lillian, after mommy went to work you and I spent the afternoon entertaining each other.  You made me laugh, smile, and remember how amazing life is.  We played with “baby”, rode in your Cozy Coop, swayed back and forth under the red maple tree in your swing, and rode on your new four-wheeler.  And as the day passed, I tried to limit my thoughts of Zack on that day seven years ago (Really?  Seven years?). I made sure I searched my mind for the best memories I have… like the bike ride we took together to Lake George, the day he came home from Iraq, and the day we spent walking around Granada, Spain.  Today I passed the day making memories I know he would have been a part of with people I love just like him.

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So Zack… this Octoberfest is for you.

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