Happy 1st Birthday, LJ

Well hello, Wonderful! How does it feel to be 1 years old?  Is your life fantastic, or just ordinary? Are you engaged, or bored to death? Can you feel the love? As for your mother and me, the last year has been the most enjoyable and rewarding of our lives. We have really enjoyed watching you become a little girl. You are a ball of fire. You prefer spicy and ethnic food. You have a sweet tooth like your father.  You consume water like a fish, much like your mother. You hate when we do something for you and you really let us know that.  You want to feed yourself, climb the stairs, comb your hair and brush your teeth, turn the page when we read our favorite Sandra Boynton book (Happy Hippo, Angry Duck), or even folding laundry.  You are a do-er.  A definite A-type personality.  You smile and wave and say hello… to everyone, everywhere.  You are the life of the party.  And you, my dear, are the love of our life.

These images are from the day just before your birthday… 


These images are from your birthday… Look at that hair clip.  (Cupcake gifted by Mommy and Daddy’s friend Jodee – Tazza of Somers)

          These images are from your birthday party…  First up, the table centerpieces that I made.  Next, the 12 month banner…    And your name… 

 Mommy and me.

Your cake (made by Cakes by Lilly)


Your “Smash” cake (again, made by Cakes by Lilly)


Doesn’t mommy look pretty?

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  1. sean
    sean says:

    freaking adorable post, jacob! knowing you, every photo you take of lillian probably looks like what you’ve blogged too. you guys are going to have the best tangible memories of her growing up! one year goes by in a blink hey? your entire new site and design looks awesome, i love the modern finishes. things are looking awfully good around here these days, man!


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