Defining Your Character

Last week I wrote about my mother and how I wondered if she would be proud of the man I have become.  Although she was a beacon of light in my life, there were many other positive, caring, and engaging people in my life to whom I attribute my character and success.  My grandfather, whom I have previously written about and is the main inspiration behind Gentlemen’s Corner, is another such person.  I learned much of what it means to be to be a gentleman from him.

When strangers come knocking:  Like anywhere, living in the suburbs means having salesmen come knocking at your door.  Maybe it’s a product, maybe it’s religion, or maybe it’s a solicitation for a public figure.  When the knock at the door came, my grandfather would tell the visitors that he would love to have them come in to talk, but he wouldn’t talk about politics or religion.   As long as they would abide by those requests, they were welcome to come into the house.  Generally the visitors would leave with nothing more than a “thank you and have a nice day“, but one religious group would take him up on the offer.  They would chat for a short while and be on their way.  Sometimes they would leave a pamphlet or two, but religion never came up.  It’s easy to say “no thank you” and slam the door in the face of a stranger, but at what cost?

Unwelcome advice: Recently I was in the supermarket with Lillian teaching her about the colors and tastes of the food we were buying  Being bilingual I was doing it in both Spanish and English.  I would pick up the item, let her hold it and tell her about it in both languages.  “The onion is yellow / La cebolla es amarilla” or “The apple is red / La manzana es roja.”.  This kid is going to be a polyglot if it kills me.  Out of the blue I got a tap on the shoulder and a very nasty “You shouldn’t be doing that.  You’re going to confuse her!”  I think I surprised her when I simply said “thank you” with a smile and ” have a nice day” and Lillian and I went our shopping experience.  I could have debated with her.  I could have carried on and raised a fuss.  But I chose to be different.

Pie in your facebook: Life sucks is hard sometimes…  for all of us.  Me included.  But I choose to post and tweet only positive, non judgmental things.  I tend to steer clear of politics and religion even though both of them are very important to me.  I try to keep my sarcasm to a minimum because it isn’t always welcome or well received by others.  Not to mention it’s easy to be sarcastic.  Try being nice to someone who really steps on your toes.  That’s hard work.  I recently read that a person nowadays changes their career every ten years.   There was also not too long ago some scuttlebutt about employers asking for their employees usernames and passwords to Facebook. Can you imaging if that actually comes down the pipe… think it won’t?  Think again.


** Check back tomorrow for another installment of Daddy-Daughter Date Night Recap.

** Gentlemen’s Corner is a weekly post that talks about all things Gentlemen.



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  1. Jacob Bergmeier
    Jacob Bergmeier says:

    Thank you for commenting, Carla. Much like goals, if you don’t write out the standards you want to live your own life by, you will never achieve them.


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