Daddy-Daughter Date Night Recap #9

What’s this, Daddy?

Your thirst for all things new has brought you to new places, new heights, new experiences.  It seems like you only want that which you should not have.  My phone, the tv remote, a glass… all things safely out of reach, yet within sight.  We buy you a phone, you want mine.  We give you an old remote without batteries, you want the only one that controls the Tivo and telelvision.  We buy you a sippy cup, you want my glass of [insert beverage].   “What’s under the couch, daddy?” or “What’s this cord do, daddy?” …. “What’s this, daddy?

I now understand baby-proofing.


When I picked you up from daycare for our date, you and I went for a nice, long run.  For the most part you generally look back and forth and take in the scenery, But every so often you let out a giggle or shriek when we hit bumps and cracks in the road.  Eyes forward, you old onto your foot like you are stretching for the big race as if to say, “OK dad, my turn.”  When we got back, we played in the living room.   Besides practicing walking and playing with things you shouldn’t be, you scooted off the matt to the entertainment stand.  Your inquisitive nature led you to play with the drawers that house our videogames and random living room junk .  Open, close, open, close, open, cl….. “OUCH!”  Whoops!  Sorry about your thumb.  Can’t wait to explain that one to mom.  With your battle wounds healed and my embarrassment subsiding, we wrapped up our night with dinner, a book, and bed time.

I love my nights with you.  I love each and every one of them.  I know you won’t remember these times when you are a teenager or adult, but I will.



** Daddy-Daughter Date Night Recap is a weekly journal that shares our adventures and special times.  Check back each Wednesday to read more.


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