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Daddy-Daughter Date Night Recap #7 and #8

Wait, wait… I gotta catch up!

The last two weeks have seen such amazing transformations in your capabilities.  You have begun to scoot all over the house, enjoy real foods (like grilled chicken and broccoli rabe) You have also begun to sit up from your back or stomach and pull yourself up to a standing position.   Mom even made me drop your crib to the lowest setting because she was afraid to find you on the floor in the morning.

Last week you and I played on the floor with finger paints.  What a mess!  Paint all over your clothes, my clothes, the floor, the play mat, your toys, your changing mat.  Terrible… but so much fun.  I love watching you experience new textures.  You are so inquisitive.  I hope you always stay that way.

Westchester Portrait Photographer

Yesterday was such a perfect spring.  Nearly 70 degres and sunny.  With a slight breeze at our backs, we set off for a run.  You hold onto the brake cable with your right hand and your foot with the other… raised high in the air.  You yell at me when I go too slow and kick your feet when I stop.  It’s quite a sight to see… video is a must!

When we got back, we played outside on a blanket.  You wrestled with Teddy and played with your table.  The tickle monster came for a bit, but I fought him off for you.  That’s my job… to protect you.  You found the maple tree seeds and I showed you how they spin as they fall.  Over… and over… and over again.  I could hear you saying; “Do it again, daddy.”

After being cooped up inside all winter long, the warm weather is much appreciated.  I can’t wait to take you on more adventures.

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