Daddy-Daughter Date Night Recap #13

Plant it, nurture it, and watch it grow.

This week we went to the plant and flower nursery at Agway to pick up some basil and cilantro to grow in our garden as well as a succulent for you to watch grow.  I showed you how to prepare the pot, add the correct amount of soil, and plant the herbs.  We talked about how things grow and develop from seeds to plant life.  We added water and gave the plants some positive thoughts.  Your succulent has a lot of green with some small flowers.  It is beautiful and delicate much like you.  We also purchased a flower for mommy to plant and watch grow. We talked about how good it smells and felt the petals in our fingers.  I told you we would ask mommy if she wants to plant it in front of the house or ask her if she wanted to put it in a nice pot to keep in the house.  In all truth, I hope she chooses the second option so we can keep smelling sweet perfume of the the flower.  Either way, we will planted it, nurture it, and watch it grow.

Last weekend Grandma Carol gave you a wicker table and chair that she found at a second-hand shop.  What a find because it seems like it’s all you want to sit in lately!  Everyone was surprised that you stay in it for as long as you do, but I’m not.  You seem to really hate being contained by a bouncer or walking cart.  I love your independence and curiosity.  I love that you want to experience all that you see mommy and daddy doing.  I love our daddy-daughter date nights and I look forward to experiencing life with you.

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