Daddy-Daughter Date Night Recap #10

Oh dear God, a monster ate my daughter!

I’m not sure if you are teething or having a growth spurt… or maybe even a little of both… but you are on fire lately.   Our weekly date night changed… what was once sweet fun, turned into a real side-show circus act on my part to keep you entertained.  Dancing dubstep to Bassnectar like Marques Scott, doing sit-ups and kissing you on the forehead each time I came forward, and practicing walking with your pushcart kept you occupied for a good portion of our evening together.  Getting you to go to sleep was rough too.  I just kept saying to myself, “Oh dear God, a monster ate my daughter!”

If you don’t know what dubstep is… check out Marques Scott!  He’s arguably the best!

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** Daddy-Daughter Date Night Recap is a weekly journal that shares our adventures and special times.  Check back each Wednesday to read more.


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