Dear Diana:

Last night I dreamed of a better life.  A life filled with experiences.  Ones that create the memories we will tell our grandchildren… and they will tell their grandchildren.  I dreamt about standing on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower overlooking all of Paris holding your warm, smooth left hand and #3’s small, inexperienced right hand.  I dreamt of the endless rooms in our country style home filled with pictures hanging on the white walls from our lives together like a museum displaying the most important impressionist paintings by Renoir… or Monet.  Pictures that tell the stories of the things we have seen, done, and experienced together.  Images in silver and wood frames that freeze the moments that become the soul of who we are as a devoted couple and parents living this precious life together.  Our home with a wrap around porch and swing that is just perfect for us to spend endless hours reading our favorite books and magazines to one another.  I dreamt about family dinners at our parents’ houses on Sunday and the aroma of mom’s meatballs or grandma’s pot pie as a tradition and the meaningful conversations that you wish would never ever end… not there because we have to do laundry.  I dreamt about watching Aunt Creszenz or Uncles Tommy and Chris push #3 on her swing set for hours because there is nothing more important to them than competing to be the best aunt or uncle.  I dreamt of days without financial worry or stress.  To have money to donate to the charities that mean so much to us… like breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.  Money to prepare for #3’s (and #4’s) prestigious college education at Yale… Princeton.  For retirement and the memories we create during our “golden” years.  I dreamt of endless happy moments with our favorite friends… some old, some new.   And talking about the “old days” and thanking God that we are where we are.  Thanking God that we have each other to go through this precious life together and create a better one… a life that will affect other lives in a positive way and make this world a better place.

Diana, my love, you are my life and most importantly my dream. I promise to work as hard as my mind and body will let me to create our dream.  The dream of the life we deserve.




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