Gentlemen’s Corner – A Nicely Fitting Shirt

A shirt with a neckline too large or to small. A sleeve with excess fabric at the wrist.  A poorly cut midsection.  There is absolutely no reason for a man to look like this when he gets dressed up.  A man who takes care of his appearance says”I care about you” to his spouse, “I respect you” to his boss, and most importantly – “You’re the man” to himself.

So what do I recommend?  First skip the Gap… their clothes don’t last and are meant for hanging out around the house or a stroll to the grocery store, not dressing up.   JCrew is nice and their clothes are cut well for a man’s body, but many of their button-up collared shirts (specifically) aren’t really meant to be  pressed, ironed, or steamed (in my honest opinion).   Banana Republic is a move in the right direction, but their shirts get really wrinkled in the dryer (and it takes forever to get them out).  So where does that leave us?

My recommendation is Brooks Brothers.  They have beautiful classic shirts with a great cut to fit every type of man.  Their in-store customer service is great and they genuinely want you to look your best.  All of their shirts are well made and they are non-iron… which means you  do have to care for them a bit differently.  There are chemicals used to make the shirt non-iron, so you should not have them dry cleaned as the shirts can discolor.  All you have to do wash and dry them with your regular clothes.  Brooks Brothers shirts generally run around 3 for $200 and they last forever.  The colors on my shirts have not faded in almost a year and the shirt collars stay sharp and looking good.  Make the investment in nice fitting, good quality clothes.

Brooks Brothers shirts for well-dressed men

Other than BrooksBrothers, are there any places you would recommend purchasing a GOOD shirt?  I want to know… so leave a comment below so I can check it out.


** Check back tomorrow for another installment of She Said Yes.

**Next weeks Gentlemen’s Corner will focus on accessories for men… making heirlooms and generational purchases.


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  1. Seshu
    Seshu says:

    Truly enjoying your new posts here. “First skip the Gap” – classic. I am going to remember that. They do make decent Khaki pants, though. Brooks Brothers is an option for shirts. I bought mine at Men’s Wearhouse and they were ok. Looking your best also makes you feel the best. Nothing beats a freshly dry-cleaned or ironed shirt and slacks with a tie and sports jacket. Keep these tips coming my friend. Catch you on Twitter as usual.

  2. Ann B
    Ann B says:

    David buys his at Macy’s or the Polo outlet, and has had best luck Polo / Ralph Lauren, button-down collar. He’s had about 6 or so and they have lasted very well. He had some from Lands’ End, but those tend to fray at the top of the collar pretty fast. All have been professionally laundered for years, hangers, light starch.


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