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When is it enough?  At what point do you throw your hands up and say, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”  (a reference to the movie Network -1976) ? When do you refuse to walk in shoes with nails protruding into your heals?  At what point do you get tired of walking into the mall and slapping down your AMEX to pay for a pair of shoes?  Only 6 months ago I was in Aldo picking up two pairs of dress shoes (subsequently my last pairs from Aldo as well).  Admittedly, I wear dress shoes every day… and everywhere.  Whether it is picking up the daily fruits and vegetables at the supermarket or a stroll to the barber/salon to receive my bi-weekly trim.  I wear them and I expect them to last.  And yes before you ask, I care for my shoes properly (a future topic I will dive into in a future Gentlemen’s Corner).

Frumpy Shoes

Lower-end gentlemen’s shoes tend to be frumpy – sometimes comfortable, but frumpy.  Wear them for a short while and they begin to look disheveled.  And despite your lack of care for what they look like, others do.  A well dressed man with beaten and worn shoes stands out, and not in a good way.  Your future boss or the beautiful lady you are on a first date with certainly look you up and down and assesses you.   To a woman it says you are cheap.  It does not say you are conservative with your money, so don’t try to play it off that way.  To your future boss it says that you are not polished.  Appearance matters… and in this current economy, it matters even more than it has before.

Men should expect to spend $300 – 600 dollars on a well made pair of  high end shoes.   Most men will ask what the difference is… some will simply say it’s the name you are paying for.  Maybe a part of it is the name, but a large part is that high end mens shoes are made of the best leather; a leather that lasts for years. Point 1 – quality.  The best men’s shoes are table made with each stitch being monitored for quality.  Point 2 – craftsmanship.  The best men’s shoes are able to be resoled and reconditioned.  Point 3 – enduring . The best men’s shoes will look better with age (much like a gentleman himself).  Point 4 – maturation.

A simple Google search brings up many websites stating exactly the same thing… “a $200 pair of shoes will last you twice as long as a $100, but a $300 dollar pair will last you a lifetime.”  Below are a pair of To Boot New York shoes which are made from the highest quality Italian and French leathers.  Your $350 investment will pay dividends if you take care of them properly… much like a nest egg.

To Boot New York Shoes Photo by Jacob Bergmeier

To Boot New York Shoes

Expensive Men's Shoes

Pairing your shoes with Brooks Brothers Clothes

Shoes that last

Hand Made Shoes


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