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**  Earlier this week… errrr, maybe it was last – the days are beginning to blend together… Diana bought me some new undershirts.  Now, normally this wouldn’t be news, but it comes with a story.   I am a fairly slender gentleman… a 36 regular when I haven’t been indulging in too many of life’s treats.  So I ask Diana to pick up some standard small undershirts.  And she did.  And they were small.  Really.  Really.  Really small. The kind of small that finds every ounce of body fat and accentuates it.  The kind of fat that makes even the skinniest of men look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man… or Chris Farley singing “Fat Guy in a little coat” to David Spade in Black Sheep.  Imagine the roar of laughter that came out of Diana when I showed her what she bought me.

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**  This week, we not only got to feel #3 kick, but we got to see her do her thing.  Each day Diana is looking bigger and bigger.  Ummm… I mean she is looking more FINE.  HOT.  BEAUTIFUL.  My father told me to push back and see what happens… nice advice pop.

**  We had our Friday date night at LeFontane again… I know, huge surprise.  But our conversations this weekend were about the things we want to see happen in the future.  Over and over and over you hear the phrases “Sleep now, because when the baby comes…”  or “Go out now, because when the baby comes…”  Diana and I are committed to one another… to our marriage.  And in order for that to happen, we have to make time for ourselves.  Yes, we realize that sleep is going to be in high demand, but we are not going to stop being a couple and doing the things couples do just because we have a baby.  We will still have a date night… that’s what baby sitters and grandparents are for.

**  This week we got the keys to the house.  That’s right, we’re nutmeggers now.  Well… almost.  And with the passing of the keys came the seemingly endless amounts of scrubbing, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, and painting before we can move any furniture.  We are so incredibly grateful to have the wonderful family that we do because they helped us all day on Saturday and Sunday begin the daunting task of making sure the house is livable for Diana…. Diana the wretched queen of allergies.  Seriously, it’s so bad she introduces herself as “Hi my name is Diana, but you can call me ‘God Bless You’ .”   Awesome.   The house is pretty much clean to Diana’s needs, now we just have to finish painting which we hope to be done by Friday so we can move in this weekend.  Anyone want to help?  Cupcakes?  Please?

**  One might think that Diana and I are winos with the amount of wine glasses we have, but they have all been gifts from my Aunt.  It’s one of the things that connects us to my Aunt… our enjoyment for a nice Pinot Noir, Riesling, or Rioja.  Last Christmas it was a subscription to Wine Quarterly, this year an electronic cork remover from Brookstone.  While packing the glasses in my T-Shirt collection (because really, is a better alternative???), I have had a few movies playing in the background this week.  Last night I rented the Fighter from the local RedBox machine.  IT is hands down, one of the best movies I have seen this year.  Bergmeier and Bergmeier give it two thumbs up.   If you haven’t seen it, rent it.

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Check back tomorrow at noon for another installment of Gentlemen’s Corner.

2 almost 3 is a weekly journal that covers some of the things that go on with Diana and me during the past week.

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  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Please tell me she snapped a picture of the marshmellow man!?!?!? :) Too funny!
    Like I’ve said before… if you need a hand with the move just give me a call neighbor :)


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