the Apple iPhone on Verizon Wireless

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Jacob Bergmeier photographer in Westchester

** One might think that as a visual artist, I learn best through my sense of sight… surprisingly, this is not the case.  My auditory learning style drives Diana to the brink of insanity in my quest for constant sound stimulation.  Usually it’s the TV, but I do enjoy listening to NPR or the Vampire Weekend radio station on Pandora.   So it probably won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that I became emotional upon hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time in the doctors office with the dopler machine.  That rapid rhythmic sound was the real proof I need.   It was the cemented proof that we had created a life together.  A life that I could teach, love, show, enjoy, listen to, hug …and kiss until an she had an excruciating and embarrassing death in front of her teenage friends.  But even the auditory learner that I am couldn’t compare to the feeling of the exciting week we had.  For the past couple of weeks, Diana has felt the flutter within her belly of the baby.  And I am happy to say that she got a few days of private stimulation with the baby as only she could feel the internal love taps from #3.  Well this past Saturday while laying in bed, we finally got to feel together #3 doing her exercises.  I think it was a leg or two getting ready for the daily jogs with daddy.  Either way… VERY COOL!

** Cafe of Love may sound like a a cheesy 80’s movie with Tom Hanks or Billy Cristol, but in fact it’s this beautiful French restaurant in Mount Kisco, NY.  They have fantastic service and a very comfortable environment.  For the second year in a row, Diana and I headed to this little upper Westchester gem for Restaurant Week.  One of the highlights to their delectable food comes from the fact that they support more than 10 local farms in the preparation of the high-class French cuisine.

**  Pack, rip, cut, stick, label… repeat.  We are down to our final days before we get a chance to start moving.  Everything has to go on hold for a few brief moments while we transition into our new home in Danbury, but it will all be worth the time and effort in the end.  I will miss the mornings on the deck watching the sun come up with a dark, rich, bold cup of Newman’s coffee from my Kerug coffee maker.  But, hello Trader Joes, Buffulo Wild Wings (ok, so I may need a sponsor from this place after I “OD” on extra-hot wing sauce…. any takers?), or the soon to be (insert my favorite clothing store) that will be coming this fall to a Danbury Fair Mall.

**  When the iPhone was first announced years ago, I begged, pleaded, and prayed for an iPhone.  Yes, I am an Apple Fanboy as I am a fan of anything that works well… like BMW’s, Cuisinart mixers, or Stanley tools from Sears.  After I realized that no matter how hard I tried to persuade Diana, I just wasn’t getting one.  No way were we switching from Verizon to AT&T.  So I put away my $200 and pouted waited for “next year” when the iPhone would come out on Verizon’s network.  It is… I got… I happy…

**  On Saturday, I headed down to NYC to create some (cold… brrr) engagement pictures in Central Park with Lisa and Clark who are going to be married this June in NYC at the American Museum of Natural History. Check back on Friday for pictures from their day.  While I was out of town shooting, Diana and her mother finished up the baby registries at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us for her shower in May.  Thank God for Diana’s mother because they wrapped up the small stuff… bottles and such.  Disaster averted.  My head was SPINNING like a crazed lunatic when I walked in there and saw the billions of choices in each department.  Seriously?  Do you need to have 27 different types of baby pillows?  (ok ladies, I already know the answer is yes.)

**  Many people by now have recognized that I have a new logo.  My friend Matt is a graphic designer… one of the best I might add, and has worked with some of the biggest names in sports and consumer products.  I will be blogging about the the logo next week with information about Matt and his work.

the Apple iPhone on Verizon Wireless


Check back tomorrow at 9 am for another installment of Gentlemen’s Corner.

2 almost 3 is a weekly journal that covers some of the things that go on with Diana and me during the past week.


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