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Hold on… have – to – catch – my – breath.  Last week was a doozy, chocked full to the brim of endless work / family time / and brief moments of sleep.

**  On Tuesday, Diana and I headed over the river to Rockland County to have dinner with some lovely ladies and their companions… Three pregnant women and their husbands, beaming with joy… and probably making everyone around us nauseous with our happiness.  Upon arriving to dinner, Melanie presented us with with this beautiful baby hat that she hand crocheted… seriously makes your heart melt to see it.  It was one of those nights out when you lose track of the time and the meal that you are eating becomes unimportant because you are having such a good time with the people in your presence.  At the end of the night I looked at my watch and it read 11 pm.  Not good when you have to get up the next morning for work and you have an hour drive, but worth the exhaustion the next day.  I seriously don’t remember having that much fun in a long time.  Here is a link to her Etsy store.

**  On Wednesday I headed out to see my CTPUG friends.  Words cannot express how much they (you all) mean to me.  Kind, generous, helpful, caring people who make you feel comfortable and like you really belong to something special.  Have fun at INSPIRE BOSTON peeps… Next year I’m taking over Beantown.

**  On Thursday Diana and I took a stroll in the park.  Nothing more than a half dozen laps around the paved track, but enough to complete the day.  Enough to hold her hand, talk about our day and what we had done, and make a plan for all the things we had yet to do before the big move.  I am not sure what I would do without those walks and quite times with Diana… they really mean more to me than anything in the world.

**  On Friday we headed up to the north country… up to Saratoga county where I grew up to spend the weekend celebrating my sister’s 15th birthday.  Shocked cannot begin to describe the feeling I got when I saw all the snow they still have up there.  Poor things still can’t see the grass. We aren’t talking about those remaining snowbanks that are left behind in the parking lots, but rather the ground covering kind of snow that we haven’t seen in this part of NY/CT in nearly a month.  I am a true winter enthusiast, but this past winter we all experienced was loco…. insane in the brain.

**  On Saturday, I took my sister shopping for her birthday.  That girl makes out like a bandit every year, but I just can’t help myself.  It’s hard to believe that she will be driving next year… I remember the holding, feeding, and cleaning up after her.  Now she’s a little lady – growing up into a nice young woman who cares very much for everyone around her.  Before we headed back to grandmas to celebrate her birthday with dinner and cake, she let me grab a few images of her.

**  On Sunday Diana and I headed to BuyBuy Baby to start a registry.  Buy Buy Baby is owned by the same company who owns Bed, Bath and Beyond. My jaw hit the ground when I saw the multitude (and in some cases magnitude) of the strollers and car seats they have to choose from.  What I realized was shopping for the baby was quickly becoming a huge compromise between Diana and me.  I get the nice chair I want and you get the swing you want.  That many options is overwhelming to shoppers… to men especially, but women too.  I realize that that many options when running a business is generally bad for the consumer and I plan on keeping it simple for my clients.

**  Some of you may have seen this image of my sister I posted this weekend on Facebook.  I will be posting more on Wednesday.  Check back tomorrow for another Gentlemen’s Corner…

Creszenz Maria Bergmeier


Check back tomorrow at 9 am for another installment of Gentlemen’s Corner.  Topic – SHOES

2 almost 3 is a weekly journal that covers some of the things that go on with Diana and me during the past week.


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    GRAM GLENNON says:

    Gramp and I walk and hold hands and always have .We’ll be married 56 years in Nov.Being in love means ‘just that’


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