2-Almost-3 {#9}

* Diana and I headed to Mass on Easter Sunday, and in typical fashion, we were… well, fashionably late.  Arriving 5 minutes late, we found it was standing room only.  As I stood in the vestibule, I noticed 15 families all with newborns standing around me.  It’s hard to imagine that we will be one of those parents in about 13 weeks.

* I do it all… I cook, clean, iron.  Breaking gender norms has always been in my repertoire and now I can add hemming curtains to that list.  Honestly, and I did say this on Facebook a few days ago, but please, someone put me in a strait jacket the next time I decide to move.

* On Thursday I met up with Nicole and Chris for their spring Get to Know You engagement session.  We headed up to Dutchess County, NY to a secret location to create some images.  I am really proud of the way they came out and I am happy to say they will be available tomorrow.

* I am sure you remember the story of Sandy ‘I like to run away for a month’ dog.  Before running away, Sandy weighed 49 pounds… upon returning, 29.  We are happy to say that after weighing her on Sunday, she is up to 43 pounds.  Nearly back to normal, she is jumping, fighting to run (not allowed due to a paw injury), and is back to her old antics.

* On Friday, I headed over to Carmel to help my father in law move a very large tree that his neighbor had cut down.  It took 4 days for me to recover from the two hours of heavy lifting.  Seriously, what’s wrong with me.  Am I really that out of shape?  Is 31 old?  The tree was huge and the pieces were extremely heavy.   I certainly expected to be sore, but not for that long.  Quite comical really.

*  I hung my brother’s flag this week in our new home.  It is proudly placed above the door in my office and it reminds me off all the good memories I have of Zack.  I often wonder what his life would be like… and mine too… had he been here today.


** Check back tomorrow for another installment of She Said Yes.

** 2 almost 3 is a weekly journal that covers some of the things that go on with Diana and me during the past week.



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  1. sean
    sean says:

    looking forward to the images tomorrow, man! haha, and i’m pretty sure i need to live in a place called carmel. close enough right 😉 come lift bags with me for a week at the airport and your upper body won’t ever be sore again. ha!


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