2 – ALMOST – 3 {#3}

** Last week was rough… exhausting, I mean.  Much of it was running around and doing problem solving computer stuff way beyond my level of experience, but there were also some weird sleeping nights.  As we get closer to the midway point in Diana’s pregnancy, I find myself day dreaming more and more…. wondering, wishing, waiting. I find myself thinking about all the things I want to do with him/her… things I want to show him/her… things I want to teach him/her.  I am excited to (almost) tell you boy or girl… for now, just know I’m one happy dad (to be).  #YES

** On Saturday, Diana and I spent a good part of the day trying to find a new place to live to make room for #3. Fact is, the place we are in now is great… great location, great price… just a bit too small.  We found a place that we absolutely loved in the first place we looked at on Saturday.  The location could have been better, but it was a bit out of our comfort zone in the price department.  The second place stunk… BAD.  The third place was stuck in 1981 with the same appliance and only had two bedrooms.  That makes about a dozen places we have looked at with our realtor Marie, who by the way, is fantastic and works very hard for us.  We hope to find something soon.  #NO

** On Sunday I went to my friend Eric and Amber’s RAW PHOTO DESIGN workshop.  The run a top notch workshop for off camera lighting that I ~highly~ recommend for any photographer at any level.  Seriously, Eric and Amber are two of the nicest people you will ever meet and it is a real pleasure to call them friends. They are very willing to share their knowledge of anything and everything to help people become better photographers.  Below is one of the images I took… a special thanks to Renee Descourtures for modeling.  Seriously, how gorgeous is this woman?  #YES

** Not to be repetitive but… Ebelskivers are AH.MAY.ZING!  We tried them with Nutella on Sunday morning… Oh my God “heaven in your mouth.”   One of the things that makes them so insanely tasty is the made from scratch pancake-like recipe… no Bisquik for this guy.  Here is a recipe for BEAUTIFUL pancakes that I use for the Ebelskivers.  Try them and let me know what you think  I have provided a link to recipe card for you to try.  #Yes

Click here to download the 5×7 PDF recipe card you see below (Recipe by Williams-Sonoma so you know it’s amazing)


Check back tomorrow at 9 am for another installment of Gentlemen’s Corner.

2 almost 3 is a weekly journal that covers some of the things that go on with Diana and me during the past week.

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  1. carla ten eyck
    carla ten eyck says:

    I can’t pronounce it but I am sure it is delish! And who can go wrong with Miss Renee? Not only is she beautiful on the outside but also on the inside- one of the sweetest people I know! Great shot Jake!

  2. amber
    amber says:

    Killer shot Jake.

    it was so fun spending the day with you, and seriously, thank you for the kind words – I know that you have attended quite a few workshops that were taught by some of the best photogs out there, so nothing makes me happier than knowing it was a great experience for you.

    And…I have some unsolicited advice that I want to share after reading your post :)

    Coming from someone who did not totally love being pregnant, I look back and think that (like most people, I think) who are expecting a baby, we were completely consumed and excited about getting to the next phase of our life, meeting our baby, starting our family, and our future – we never even considered how precious those last months of just us two together were. Believe me, there is nothing cooler in the world or more life changing than becoming parents together, there is just no comparison. And once you are a parent, you are one for the rest of your life, but, there are things that you may miss or take for granted about life now – so, try to do things together that you really love to do that may change when you bring that munchkin home, go to the movies, eat at favorite restaurants, sleep in late on Sundays – do whatever you can to be in the moment and appreciate every step. we are so happy for you guys! xo.

  3. Renee
    Renee says:

    Such an exciting time for you as you prepare for your baby. I’m sure you will be a wonderful Dad. Thank you for the lovely compliment. Really, I owe it to the team for making me look good and feel comfortable.


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